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With years of experience and many happy customers, here at Greenleaf we understand that a house clearance in London can be stressful. We aim to remove that stress with our fully licensed and insured team.

Perhaps you are a landlord that has just had your tenants move out and left their rubbish behind? These end of tenancy times can be challenging but this is where we can help. Alternatively, you could be moving home and don't want to take the dishwasher, washing machine or cooker with you - or you have a loft full of rubbish accrued over time.

Some house clearances in London seem a little less simple, with basements, lofts or flats not on the ground floor, but to us here at Greenleaf, it is not a problem. If you would like some advice on help with something a little more complicated or not listed on this website, then call us at our London office on 0208 772 0793.

Renovating your property can also result in plenty of junk piling up outside and time does not always allow for those trips back and forth to the local tip. Our dependable team are able to speak through any initial enquiries and answer any questions to give you peace of mind. Our team are also very aware that sometimes, a house clearance in London is due to a loss in the family. We can remove those unnecessary worries at this delicate time so you are not handling this on your own.

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